Fresh Off the Plane: Welcome to the University

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By ncisfan123. The illustration is by Sharky Cast. More on DeviantArt.

Cameron makes her way to the University after a morning mishap and meets up with an… intriguing Professor

After her first night in their new apartment, Cameron had awoken around 8 o’clock in the morning, the sun beaming through the living room windows.

Cameron pulled her sheets off and was about to get ready, until her feet hit the ground, pain rushing into her sore toes.

She winced as she pulled her foot back and examined her bad toes, even though they had gotten a night’s healing and had been wrapped up, they still felt painful.

Cameron had to be at the University 9 so she started getting herself ready.

She wanted to feel clean and smart so before she left she took a nice hot shower.

After her shower her exited the bathroom and dried off.

As Cameron came out of the shower, her bust nearly not fitting in the towel, and her body still glistening with water, she sat down and began blowdrying her hair.

Her hands were still wet from the shower so after grabbing the hairdryer plugged into the outlet on the counter, it slipped out of her hands and fell on her bad toes.

“Ow, goddamnit!” she yelled as the pain shot through her foot.

“I do not need this right now!” Cameron hissed under her breath, wincing from the pain as she tried to wiggle the impacted toes slightly.

“OW!” the pain from her originally bruised toes was amplifyed by this newest incident.

Naomi walked in with a puzzled look on her face, “What happened?’

“Ugh, the stupid hair dryer fell on my toes!” Cameron responded back frustrated.

“The same ones you hurt yesterday?” Naomi asked

“Yeah, from the airport.” Cameron said back.

Cameron finished drying off and put on her professional outfit, a black button up shirt like her red one, some khaki suit pants, her glasses, and the hardest part, shoes.

Cameron had some open toed black heels that seemed appropriate no matter how much they squeezed her injured toes.

Wincing as she put the shoe on her toes felt pain as they jostled around in the leather shoe to fit.

She limped slightly in the heels but caught her balance and was ready to get to the University.

“Nay, I’m gone!” Cameron yelled from the front door.

“Okay I’ll see you up there later!” Naomi yelled back from the bathroom.’

Cameron stepped outside gingerly on her bad foot, hoping not to reinjure it anytime soon.

As she came down her stair a taxi came around the corner, Cameron waved it down and got a ride to the campus.

After arriving there she walked up to the main lobby, were a secretary was filing papers and playing Solitaire on a computer.

“Um, hi, I’m Cameron Santiago, I’m here for your Law Studies Section.”

“23rd floor, room 7B.” The secretary said not paying her much mind but not being rude either.

Cameron walked to the elevator and headed for the top floor, while in there she wiggled her toes slightly in her shoe, causing them a bit of pain.

The elevator stopped and she noticed that the corridor with most of the classrooms was empty except for a few teachers students and a janitor or two roaming and cleaning.

“Okay, 7B… wait. I’ve still got a half and hour before I’ve got to be there.” Cameron noticed as she looked at her watch.

So she continued to walk around and get a feel for the building.

After walking around for about 5 minutes, she noticed a red haired woman with glasses similar to hers on crutches struggling with something from the vending machine.

After a good bout with the wrapper the woman finally opened her snack but her crutches fell to the ground.

Cameron walked over and picked up the red headed woman’s crutches and noticed that she was missing two toes-one on each foot, and had casts on both feet.

“Thank you, those crutches have been a nuisance ever since I’ve returned here.”

“Not a problem at all.” Cameron insisted.

“Are you new here?’ the woman asked.

“Yes, it’s my first day I’m studying law here.” Cameron replied.

“Really? Well the lawyers this place pops out are pretty good from what I’ve heard, we’ve also got a good police section and medical research.?

“Yes my friend is actually looking to become a cop here as well, she’s supposed to be here at about 10 o’clock actually.”

“Well, I’m not sure if you’ve seen any classrooms around here yet but If you’d like I can show you mine?” the woman offered.

“Thank you I’d be glad to see a classroom in a building of this caliber.”

“Professor Lilly, by the way.”

“Cameron Santiago.”

They headed for Prof. Lilly’s room when Cameron stopped and winced from the pain in her foot.

“Is everything okay?” Lilly asked.

“Yeah, just a bit of toe pain from some previous accidents.” Cameron said.

“Really? well I’m a toe specialist I can take a took if you like.”

“Would you mind? They’ve been bothering me for a while now, I hope nothing is wrong with them.”

“No problem.” Lilly said.

They approached her classroom and Lilly guided Cameron towards her toe studying area.

Cameron took her shoe off to show her soft, narrow, defined feet, and her long toes, the 2nd and 3rd of which ere in serious pain.

Lilly put Cameron’s foot under the light of her projector and examined it.

“Okay so where is the most pain?”

“My second and third toes, some heavy luggage was dropped on them at the airport and I dropped a hairdryer on them this morning.”

“I see, and any history of previous foot injries?”

“Umm, I broke my left pinky toe when I was about 6, and they gave me a little fracture shoe, and when my freshman year of high school I broke my right big toe in two places playing soccer.”

“I see, so tell me does this hurt?” Lilly asked as she squeezed gently Cameron’s second toe.

“Ooh, a little bit.”

“And what about this?” Lilly said bending the same toe.

“Ouch! a little more.”

“Okay and for the third one…” Lilly said as she prodded it with her finger.

“Ow! Yes that hurts a lot!”

“Okay, now you said you broke your pinky toe on your left foot as a child?”

She motioned for Cameron to put her left foot on the table.

“Yes I caught it on the edge of a couch but I think it has fully healed and the pain has since gone away.”

Lilly looked at the toe on Cameron’s left foot, and noticed that it was virtually healed but slightly off it’s center.

“And your right big toe?”

“Yes I broke it playing soccer about 5 years ago.”

Lilly flexed and bended Cameron’s toe.

“Does that hurt?” she asked.

“Not as much I can still feel where the breaks are though.” Cameron said as she touched her toes near it’s base on the left side and near the middle section on her right side.

“Okay, well I recommend getting an orthopedic boot if your middle toes are hurting that much.”

“What!?” Cameron said in shock.

“Calm down it doesn’t mean they’re broken, for that you’d ave to go to the hospital a couple blocks away and get them x-rayed but just to be safe…” Prof. Lilly trailed off.

“Take this, it’s an ortho boot that should help you with that limp and keep the toes immobilized.”

Cameron looked at the black heavy monstrosity as Lilly put it on the floor.

Lilly detached the Velcro while Cameron slowly inserted her foot into the boot.

Sliding her foot down so that her toes were just barely visible, Professor Lilly strongly and tightly wrapped the boot back up

When she got to the bottom strap closest to her injured toes, Lilly snapped the Velcro back on quickly, causing pain in Cameron’s foot.

“Ow! Not so tight please.”

“Sorry but I have too. Keeping them immobilized is the best way for them to heal.”

“Okay. So I can just walk around in this thing for what about a week?”

“Well you’d have to get them X-Rayed for an exact amount of time but yes, it doesn’t violate our dress code.”

“Okay, well thank you Professor Lilly.” Cameron said as she got used to walking with her new boot.

“No problem, just be sure to get them checked out and come back to me… soon I might have some…other tests for them.” Lilly said slickly with a devilish smile on her face.

Cameron thanked her again and walked off to her class, adjusting to the weight and feel of the boot.

“At least my toes are feeling better.”

Just then she checked her watch and rushed towards her class… well as fast as she could at least.


Illustration via DA
Story via DA

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