Fresh Off the Plane: Welcome to the Academy

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By ncisfan123. Chapter 3 of the Fresh Off the Plane saga. More on DevianArt.

Naomi heads over to the Police Academy to finish her training and become an official officer… But some foot trouble may slow the process down a bit, Plus a surprise visit towards the end.

Back at the apartment, Naomi had woken up at about 9, after falling back asleep after Cameron hair dryer incident.

She had gotten her extra hour or so of rest for a very important reason, her Police Academy obstacle course, The course that would solidify her ranking as an official police officer.

After waking up and stretching out, Naomi took a hot shower and put on some gray sweats that showed off her thick, perfectly shaped butt and a blue, athletic T-Shirt that was snug on her upper body showing her large bust and slightly muscled shoulders and arms.

Finally some very comfortable track shoes that were royal blue, and though it was unconventional, she decided to not were any socks underneath her shoes, she felt as if her run would be better without them.

After putting some fresh clothes in a gym bag Naomi headed out and hailed a cab for a ride to the Academy.

When she arrived she walked into the main lobby and signed in where the receptionist pointed her to the locker room.

Naomi put her bag and phone in a locker and locked it up tight, but before she went on her determining course run, she had to use the “Little Cadet’s” Room.

After finishing up she ran into a woman with very blond hair, light hazel eyes, who was in a highly ranked uniform, though Naomi couldn’t figure out what rank specifically.

She had a short arm cast on under her jacket on her left arm.

“Oh, hi, are you Sergeant Melissa Hawkins?” Naomi asked.

“Yes, are you a new recruit?” she asked back.

“Sort of, I did finished my training in America except for my obstacle course.” Naomi explained.

“Well I can show you to the obstacle grounds so you can run it, I think you’ll make a good cop here.”

“Thank you.” Naomi said, blushing, which was barely visible

“No problem, this job can be a pain sometimes, everyone needs some encouragement sometimes.”

Naomi followed the Sergeant towards the outdoor training facility.

“Okay, so the course is a quarter mile, you’ve got 6 minutes to complete it, and it’s 550 feet long.

Naomi stretched her legs and arms and cracked her neck as she mentally prepared herself or the test.

Captain Hawkins had a starter pistol and gave Naomi the countdown.

“On your mark, get set, GO!”

Off went the pistol and Naomi along with it.

She started jogging at a good pace making the 350 feet mark by 2 minutes, but then the obstacles came.

First a tire field, Naomi quickly raised her feet to maneuver through the tires.

Things were good so far, and then a rings section.

Naomi jumped and and made her way about halfway through the rings until the sweat on her palms caused her to lose her grip and fall to the black top about 7 feet below her.

She fell quickly but her right ankle turned violently underneath her.

“Ahh! God Damn it!” she said under her breath with pain shooting through the whole right side of her right foot.

Making her way back to her feet, she took a step on her right ankle and felt another jolt of pain and yelped.


Nay knew she had to finish the course so she sucked it up no matter how bad the pain was.

After jogging lightly through some thick mud, crawling under barbed wire and through small tunnels, and doing combat rolls over solid waist high blacks of mud and more jogging, Naomi made it to the 25 foot wall with 2 minutes left.

She took her time and caught her breath and began easing her way up with the footholds, each step with her right foot hurting her ankle more. After making it halfway through and beginning her descent down, she tried to put her bad foot into a foot hold but it slipped jolting her ankle again, causing her to grit her teeth from the pain.

As she lost her footing, Naomi lost her balance and fell to the ground hard, with her bad foot first only this time her poor foot was arched, causing her to add more pressure to her toes while once gain jolting her bad ankle. She then got up and limped to the finish line where Capitan Hawkins said “Time, with 1:23 to spare, nice job Cadet, or should I say Private?”

Naomi smiled with the thought of her success with took a bit of the pain away from her throbbing ankle and toes.

“Welcome to the Force.” Hawkins said as she shook Naomi’s hand

Nay sighed, “Thank you so much, now is there a medic around here?”

“Yeah I’ll help you to her. I saw that spill on the rings.”

“Yeah, don’t remind me..” Naomi said seriously but jokingly at the same time.

Hawkins helped Naomi limp into the medic’s office were she hopped on the bed with her good foot and said blatantly, “Doc I think I sprained my ankle really bad.”

“I’ll leave you to this Fox, I’ve got some forms to fill out.”

“Thank you for the help.” Naomi said.

The medic asked Naomi what happened and she explained the incident during the obstacle course.

“Can you take your shoe off?” she asked Naomi.

Naomi struggled but she squeezed the shoe off her foot to reveal her swollen ankle and smelly sweaty feet.

The doctor gingerly grabbed Naomi’s foot and tried to place it upright causing a gasp of pain from Naomi

“Ah! Yeah that hurts rally killing me!” Naomi indicated to the medic.

Reversing the move the medic pushed Naomi’s foot down which still hurt but not as much the flex upwards.

The medic noticed how swollen Nay’s ankle was so she gently poked it in the center of the swollen joint.

“Oww!! God, yes that’s the worst of it!” Naomi said through clenched teeth and closed fists to deal with the pain.

“On to the toes” the medic said.

The medic gently grabbed Naomi’s big toe and flexed it forward.

“Hurts a bit but not as much as the rest of them.” Naomi confirmed

The medic moved on to the second toe, when she bended it down she got a very loud yell from Naomi.

“AHH! Ow! God that hurts!”

The third toe was next, the medic didn’t even have to bend this one, just the slight pressure from her fingertips on Naomi’s poor swollen toe was even to make make her gasp with pain.

“Ah! Ow, I can feel that one in a lot of pain too.”

With the fourth toe, the medic didn’t bend it forward but it was so swollen, that she simply applied slight pressure and that made Naomi cry out.

“OW! Ow, ow, ow, ow, ow!” said in paid as the pressure
felt like it only did more damage to her poor toe.

“Any pain in the pinky toe?” the medic asked.

“Yes, it doesn’t feel as bad as the other but… OUCH!” Naomi was cut pff as the medic bent the toe slightly outwards and a flare of pain rushed through the outside of her size 6.5 foot.

“Well Ms. Fox I hat to ‘break’ it to you…” the medic stopped and chuckled slightly, trying to ease the impending bad news with some humor.

“Sorry… but I’m certain you’ve broken all of your toes, your middle toes the worse, your big toe and pinky toe weren’t nearly as bad but still very damaged, you’ll have to go to the hospital for more details and the proper treatment.”

Naomi sighed at the bad news.

“Wait before you leave do you mind if I take one last look at something?” the medic asked.

“Go ahead.” Naomi said dejected.

The doctor felt around the top of Naomi’s foot feeling for any abnormalities.

She felt around the second toe area and moved down until she got towards the middle of the bone when.

“YEEOOWW!” Naomi screamed when the doctor put pressure on the broken sencond bone in Naomi’s foot, causing tears to well up in her eyes and nearly start streaming own her cheeks.

“Yep that one’s broken toe… I mean too.”

Naomi left her battered foot out of her shoe and hopped to the exit, each hop jostling her foot even more, making the pain that much worse.

With the pain getting even more distinct with each hop, Naomi carefully put her heel on the ground to make the movement stop.

This sent a small but sharp pain through her ankle warranting a small gasp.

After making it to the curb, she hailed another taxi, and carefully scooted her way into the backseat, back first so her bad foot wouldn’t be moved too much.

“The hospital, quick!” Naomi said with urgency in her voice, The driver drove off and in one right turn and about 8 blocks later, Naomi paid the driver and gingerly walked into the hospital with her bare, throbbing foot.

When she limped into the main lobby, nobody was there except for some roaming doctors and the receptionist.

The receptionist saw Naomi limping and immediately got up from her desk and got her a wheelchair.

“Thank you.” Naomi said as she started sweating from the pain she was feeling.

“No problem, I’ll get you help, don’t worry,” the woman said with urgency, ”Injured foot?”

“Badly, my foot is killing me!” Naomi responded.

“Don’t worry I know someone perfect for this.” the woman replied.

She wheeled Naomi up to the top floor via the elevator where Dr. Bobbi Smith was just waiting, talking to Nurse Annick.

“Doctor we’ve got another patient here, looks serious.” the woman said looking down at Naomi’s swollen ankle and toes.

“Ohh,” Bobbi cringed at the sight of the ankle, “I’ll take it from here.”

Bobbi wheeled Naomi into an X-Ray room and began preparing it for a scan.

“So how did you injure youself?” Bobbi asked.

“The police academy’s obstacle course I had a bad fall… or two.”

“Ahh, police work huh? Yeah it’s dangerous out there, I have a friend actually who’s a police officer who’s had quite a few visits here, broken legs broken arms, even and amputated right arm.” Bobbi explained as she finished hooking up the X-Ray machine and turned it on.

“Really?” Naomi said with some worry in her voice.

“Yeah, but I doubt anything like that will happen to you, you’re still new right, plus you seem a little calmer than her, she’s kinda… headstrong if you know what I mean.”

“Okay put your foot up here.” Bobbi motioned towards the top of the bed as Naomi slowly raised her foot, feeling her painful pulse make her long, rounded toes throb.

After slowly putting it down on the thin bedsheets, Bobbi pulled the machine close to Naomi’s foot and flipped the switch, causing a bright flash from the lens.

After a few more in different angles, Bobbi went to check the photos.

Naomi sat in discomfort until Bobbi came back with even worse news than before.

“Ms. Fox, I’m sorry to say but you’ve broken every single toe, got a horrible break in your ankle and have a broken second metatarsal.”

Naomi sighed in disdain at the news, then questioned. ‘Wait second meta-what?”

“The bone connecting your second toe and foot.”

“We’ll get you into casting right away.” Bobbi said as she began wheeling Naomi to the casting room where Nurse Annick was there to help.

“What we are going to give you is a plaster cast that goes up to your knee with a toe spic for your big toe, it’s kinda like it’s own personal cast. Do you want it in a specific color?” Annick asked.

“Um, is pink avalible?”

“Why yes, we’ve got a nice hot pink for you.” Annick replied.

Bobbi and Annick started rapping the layers of cast around Naomi’s leg , and waited for the plaster to harden, then they put the final, hot pink layer on that nearly completed the process.

“Am I done now?” Naomi asked with some hope in her voice.

“Unfortunately, not yet. For the rest of your toes were going to have to put them in traction, as in hold them in place for them to heal.

“We’re going to place steel hooks in your cast so that they can hold the strings that hold your toes in place.”

Another 20 minutes later, the hooks were inserted and Naomi’s toes were “safely” in the hooks while the tip of her big toe was still slightly visible through the Spica cast.

“There, all done.” Bobbi said cheerfully while Naomi was still worried about even moved her foot.

“Go ahead ty to walk.” Bobbi said as Naomi carefully put her foot on the ground, and tried to take a step.

The pressure on her heel sent some pain to her ankle, causing a hiss and a quick lose of balance for the new police officer as she hoped back on the bed to keep from falling.

“Looks like crutches are also going to be necessary.” Annick commented.

Bobbi grabbed a pair of crutches from the utility closet and fitted them for Naomi.

With her crutches Naomi took one step and lost her balance but didn’t fall, she recovered in time to avoid a spill.

“They’ll take some time getting used to, but you’ll get the hang of it, in the come back in about 8 weeks and we can look into getting you a scooter.” Bobbi informed Naomi.

After crutching her way to the elevator, Naomi pushed the down button with her crutch and waited for the elevator.

When she heard the ding the door opend and she saw none other than her friend Cameron, looking down at her phone.



“What’re you doing here?” they asked in unison.

Naomi took one step with her crutch to get on the elevator and as she took the other step…

“Careful, careful watch my…”


“GAAGGH! Toes!”

Naomi looked down as the full weight of her plus her crutches had landed on Cammy’s right toe, giving off a sickening crunch and a fallen Cameron clutching her newly injured foot, while her big toe already turning reddish-purple.

“Opps, hehe… Sorry.” Naomi smiled awkwardly as Cameron clutched her foot tightly.

“Is… is that the one you broke freshman year?” Naomi asked cautiously and nervously.

Cameron simply shot her friend a look filled with anger and pain.

“This is just perfect.” Cameron sighed.

“Just Perfect.” she said again.

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