Long Toed Hair Stylist Massage Toes by stitchspike26

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by stitchspike26

I called her spider toes. This bleach blond was hanging out in the back of a hairstyling studio. A real classy joint in CA. I saw her in sandals smoking cigarettes in her long finger all covered in silver rings. Now a hairstylist spends all day on her feet and this thin chick did not have much padding under her soles. She took a quick look to her sides, didn’t spot me and squatted down to attend to her feet.

She wore those sandals girls with big feet and long toes try to hide their feet in. The long ones where they force all the toes into a narrow toebox and the big toe pokes out and forwards.

This girl pulled those supportless shoes off her suffering feet and got to business on her right foot. She did this in a unique way. She wrapped all of her fingers through her toes, her fingers and toes were so thin, long and spidery that she could do this. And curled the toes forward at the ball of her foot. I’m sure it cracked like a peppermill to see her eyelids flutter while she looked up in relief.

She then started to roll the toes around on her foot without pulling her fingers out from between them. Her toes were long and rubbery. She then started to prod the pink pads on her soles. Thats when she started to look upset. The day was only half done and she looked like she did not think her feet would last the day.

Her sole looked like she had been putting a lot of weight on it, the bottom was all flattened moist flat pads with a fallen arch. She was lousy at massaging her feet! I could have given her a rub that would have made her purrrr.

She sat there squeezing here sole in alternate grasps from instep to heel. Finally grabbing the heel and rotating it in a circular motion. Someone must have called her because her head truned and she moved her lips. She was reluctant to put on her shoes, especially the right one. Baring her teeth as she slipped it on and grimacing at the sandal once it was on her foot.

She went back inside favoring her left foot. Her poor right footsie.

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