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Here is a collection of some of my favorite foot pain comics by Stitchspike

Coggins Long Toes Are Happy To Be Out Of Shoes WNBA ft Fetish


My apologies to Claire if she sees this and it offends her. But she makes jokes about the length of her toes. And we only spoof the sexiest female celebrities

Corns Hammer Toes Bunions Swollen Aching Feet Real Painful


Her poor jacked up feet. I normally make feet pliable like they would be in a Tex Avery cartoon. This poor girl has a real problem with her feet. There is a lot of thick painful skin and bone deformity there for those of you into real pain.


Here are three gals drawn rough that are all tending to the severe foot pains that are the result of cramming thier big feet into shoes that were not meant to hold them. Write stories about them if you want.

Prima Ballerina Feet Grow After Performance Poor Curl Toes


This Prima Ballerina just loves to take off those shoes after a long performance. Look at how those pinky toes curl under her foot and into the sole. That has got to have a corn on top of it. This is based off a 6 ft tall latina that I knew. Very friendly and had her feet crammed into a pair of the biggest size of golden victoria secret gladiator sandles avaliable. This ballerina’s toes hung over the edge of those shoes. Very long toes, of interesting quality. The kind you only see in someone with mixed heritage.

She Stubed Her Poor Toes On A big Rock



swollen Ft And Going To Prom Dont Mix



My friends cousin was raving the night of prom that her feet would not fit into her pumps. Her cross country coach made them run a lot that day and her feet swole up awfully. I was shocked at how plump they were, her long toes were poking out of big pale bags of flesh. She was icing and swearing and eventually borrowed a bigger pair. Though her feet still hurt horribly and she complained the whole dance about it.

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