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kaori is one of sl44n3sh‘s oc’s who’s job as race queen forces her to wear painful high heels. he’s done a few great drawings of her in and out of her torturous shoes:

Poor Kaori, her toes hurt from wearing heels all day.

She tried to confort her toes with band-aids.


Kaori likes her Job as Car Model or better Race Queen. She can earn good money to go to university. If it weren t for those aweful high heels it would be a piece of cake.

She definetly could use a food rub after her 14 hour shift… ūüėČ


Kaori finaly managed to talk her boss into allwoing her to wear other shoes and have a 10 minute break every 3 hours.

But her feet still hurt ^^


my favorite is the comic – those toes need some love!!

i love girls and cute toes…. Posts by Lily Loves Toes¬Ľ


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