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Chapter 1

So, there was this girl… her name was Devon. Devon was 5’6″ with incredibly tanned, toned legs that she was VERY proud of, always getting compliments on them, and always wearing shorts or skirts to show them off. Devon was a high school senior, and the year between graduation and college, she was supposed to be in Mexico partying with all of her friends… but unfortunately for Devon, her father, who owned a big software manufacturing plant in their city, was forcing her to spend her break working there for him. With shoulder-length golden blond hair, and bright ice blue eyes, Devon was what most people would consider perfect. Except when it came to following rules. For instance, the factory was a dangerous place, and there were specific rules on what you could and could not wear while inside. Devon scoffed at the notion of wearing boots, however, and despite conforming to every other rule, she refused to cover her feet up. Devon considered her feet and toes to be her absolute best feature, and she wore sandals to work even against her boss’s instructions. “After all,” she thought. “I work in the back, packing boxes, what’s the worst that could happen?” Devon was about to find out…

Devon showed up to work this fateful morning in her brand new red Mercedes convertible, a present from her uber-rich father for graduating… bouncing happily from her car to the door of the factory, she greeted the security guy at the door, noticing happily to herself the way he always checked out her feet each morning, apparently willing to overlook her obvious dress code violation if it meant he’d get to sneak a peak at her feet. This morning, she was wearing a pair of light blue flip flops, her long tanned, perfectly formed toes painted a light shade of blue to match them, with ornate silver toe rings on all ten of her toes. Stopping to sign in, she wiggled them seductively, knowing the guard would be watching, but smiling to herself and heading in to the factory. The next few hours passed without incident, during which her co-workers invited her to have lunch with them in the open courtyard at the center of the industrial complex… Happily agreeing, Devon went to retrieve her belongings and then headed out into the main factory area, deciding to cut across the manufacturing floor to take a short cut to the courtyard…

As she walked across the manufacturing floor, Devon hummed a happy tune to herself, enjoying the flirtatious looks that all the men, and even some of the women, gave to her, especially to her sexy feet. Smiling happily, and apparently lost in her own little world, Devon never heard the screams of warning. It wasn’t until she heard a noise above her that she glanced up, noticing that a heavy round cylinder, the same one used by the factory to press circuit boards and other thin little devices, had come loose and was falling towards her at an incredibly fast speed. Screaming, Devon attempted to jump out of the way, diving forward just as the large metal object smashed into the ground where she had been standing. Regaining her composure, Devon stood back up, sighing with relief as she noticed that she had just barely escaped with her life….

….if was then that the floor beneath her, made of quite possibly the cheapest concrete known to man, shattered and caused her to plummet through the floor, screaming once more. Then everything went black.

Chapter 2

Devon awoke with a start. She was in a barely lit room, surrounded by loud beeping noises and many machines. She noticed immediately that she was lying on her back, and quickly tried to stand. Finding herself unable to do so, she began to panic. A hand quickly came to rest on her arm, a calm voice explaining, “Don’t try to do too much, Miss. You’ve been in a very serious accident.” Looking at the source of the voice, Devon was quite upset to see that it came from a doctor, the lights to her room coming on to show her not only the doctor in the room, but also the current state of her body. Dressed in a standard hospital gown, Devon was shocked to see both of her legs suspended in the air in bright pink casts, extending from her ankles to her upper thighs, almost rubbing against her bikini line. Her feet were exposed, but encased in a series of metal rings and wires which seemed to run directly into her small, slender feet. Even her toes were splayed apart, tiny metal rods extending into them and wires holding them in place. Devon noted that her sexy blue nail polish was chipped a bit, but still there, and just trying to wiggle her toes caused her intense waves of agony. Crying a bit, Devon looked at the doctor, attempting to ask what had happened, only to discover that she could not speak. reaching up to her face, she found that her jaws were wired shut, similar metal rids running into her lower jaw and holding her mouth and teeth together. Sighing, the doctor looked at her sympathetically, explaining to the panic stricken teenager, “It’d be best if I explained what happened…”

Devon only cried harder as he began to explain. “You feel through the floor into the sub-basement of your father’s factory and landed on a solid concrete floor, young lady. Unfortunately for you, you fell feet first, and your toes were pointing down as you did… your landed directly on them, causing all of your body weight to impact your toes at once. You basically shattered them to pieces… each toe is broken in about seventeen places, which is quite severe. In addition, you blew out both ankles, shattered all the bones in your feet, crushed both your knees, and snapped both your femurs in half…” Devon was shocked. Her beautiful, perfect feet and toes were ruined. She cried harder as the doctor continued, “Devon, not only will you never be able to walk again, but you’ll have to wear these fixators for the next few years…you’ll need them and then some form of braces for the rest of your life in order to hold your shattered bones together.” Devon cried harder, her entire life feeling over, as she stared helplessly at her blue painted toes, shattered and pierced by the fixator rods. Weakly, she tried once more to wiggle them, praying that it was a dream, but her toes would not respond… Stabbing pains shot from her once adored toes as she sobbed more. Remembering her mouth, she motioned towards it, the doctor seeming to suddenly remember. “Oh, yes. You fell forward after the initial impact and smacked your face into the ground also. You jaw was shattered and we’ve had to use similar fixation to hold it together also. Expect that to last for at LEAST twelve months…” As he left the room, Devon broke down and cried…staring at her broken toes, suspended above her and unable to be moved in the slightest…

As she lay there sobbing, Devon was unaware of her door opening, a dark figure stepping into her hospital room, until a shy, female voice said, “Hi…” Looking up sadly, Devon was shocked to see her co-worker, Molly standing before her. She had secretly had a crush on Molly for months, since she had transferred from Accounts receivable to her department. Mumbling a sad greeting through her wired jaw, Devon patted a spot on the bed, motioning for her visitor to sit. Molly smiled, sitting down beside her, as she explained, “I heard about the accident. I came to see about you…” Molly explained that she knew what the doctors had said, but felt that she needed to tell Devon something…hoping it would cheer her up. She admitted that she, too, had had a crush on Devon for months, and that she had transferred to her department to be closer to her. She said that she had always found Devon’s feet and toes attractive, and assured Devon that she still thought so, even now. As Devon watched, tears of both sadness and happiness in her eyes, Molly moved to the end of the bed, smiling as she brought her lips to within inches of Devon’s traction-confined toes, her tongue flickering out slowly to lick at the tips of them, causing Devon to gasp in sudden shock. Taking it as a good sign, Molly continued, her tongue and lips caressing Devon’s toes one by one, running between them and licking them softly, causing the crippled teenager before her to gasp in pleasure and pain as the rods were moved ever so slightly. This continued for hours, Molly bringing Devon to orgasm several times with just her tongue on her toes, before she moved elsewhere… That night Devon drifted off to sleep in her hospital bed smiling despite the wired jaw, feeling safe in the arms of her new lover… and not seeming quite as depressed about her new crippled life.

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