Guest Story: Krystal and Jessica

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Story By Lizzy
Illustrations By Sl44n3sh
Colored By Lily
Chapter 1
Krystal and Jessica were 2 attractive sporty girls. They had similar interests, similar backgrounds, and should have got on very well. But they didn’t! They hated each other!
They had both been to the same school, and now attended the same college. Jessica was tall slim and blonde. She had a pretty face with blue eyes and a slightly upturned nose. She also had long legs and slender feet and toes.
Krystal was equally attractive, but in different ways. She was tanned with dark hair, longer than Jessica’s. She wasn’t as slim but was by no means fat, which also meant she had bigger breasts than Jessica. Her legs were very toned, and she was very proud of her feet, which had cute toes, not too long or too short.
Their rivalry began in their last year of college, when they played for the college netball team. Both girls were hoping to be picked as team captain. Jessica was taller, and a slightly better player, so it seemed likely she would be chosen. So Krystal hatched a plan to make sure Jessica would not be chosen over her
After one netball practice, Krystal offered to take some sports equipment back to the store cupboard, which was through the girls changing room. She loaded the sports equipment onto a large trolley, all the time looking into the changing room. She saw her chance. Jessica was changing near the aisle. She had taken her shoes and socks off, and was standing in her shorts and sports bra only. Krystal started off into the changing room, pushing the trolley in front of her. “Hi Jessica well played today” she said. “Thanks” said Jessica, turning towards her. Krystal pushed the heavy trolley forward, running over the toes of both Jessica’s feet. Jessica howled with pain, but by then Krystal was on her way out the door!
Krystal was made team captain. Jessica had to watch the games from the side lines, sitting with her long legs stretched out and bare feet, looking miserable. Her 8 small toes were individually bandaged as they had been severely squashed and bruised by the trolley. Krystal looked closed at them when Jessica wasn’t watching. The bandage looked like white finger bandage, with some sort of padding underneath, and secured at the base of her toes by white sticking tape. The match ended with Krystal’s side winning. Krystal felt very pleased with herself, but as she walked off the court she saw Jessica staring at her feet. Suddenly Krystal’s toes didn’t feel safe anymore!
Chapter 2
The girls avoided each other for several months after that. Jessica’s toes healed well, but she was only able to wear soft shoes for a month, and not play any sport for that time. She got quite a lot of teasing about her 8 bandaged small toes, and several times people nearly stepped on them!
Then one day Jessica saw Krystal sitting working in the college library. She was only wearing flimsy sandals as it was the middle of summer, and stretching her feet out from under the desk. Jessica seized her chance. She went to the oversized book section and got as many heavy books as she could carry. For good measure she put them in a hard plastic tray. Krystal hadn’t seen her, so she was able to right up next to her. Suddenly she let out a cry and pretended to fall, dropping the heavy tray right onto Krystal’s toes. Krystal yelled out as they landed on her! Jessica pretended she had tripped and hurt her ankle. She appeared at college the next day with a tube bandage over her shapely ankle. Krystal did not appear at college for the rest of that week. When she came in next week, Jessica was pleased to see she could only wear flip-flops. Both her big toes were wrapped up in loads of bandages and padding, which made them look 3 times as big as normal! It also prevented her from moving them at all. She had crutches to help her walk. For the next week Jessica enjoyed sitting with her bandaged ankle propped up, and when ever Krystal could see she made sure to wiggle and flex her long slender toes!
Chapter 3
Krystal’s toes had healed by the time of her school prom, and both she and Jessica were competing strongly to see who could steal the show with their looks and ball dresses. Krystal was still angry about her toes, and determined to make Jessica pay.
The week before the prom Krystal and her friends were sitting on the steps that led up to their college. She was enjoying the sun, when she spied Jessica out of the corner of her eye, heading out of college. ‘Hmm’ Krystal thought. ‘A nasty fall would make her look less smug at the prom!’ It was an instinctive thought, and there would never be another chance like it. Just as Jessica was passing her, Krystal swung out her leg, catching Jessica just above the ankle.
Jessica stumbled, caught off balance, and wasn’t able to save herself from tumbling down the half a dozen or so steps. She landed painfully at the bottom, dropping her things about her. All the other girls jumped up to help her. Krystal jumped up too; she had to make it seem that her tripping her had been an accident. Jessica lay there moaning and holding her ankle. Krystal apologised continuously, while secretly delighting in seeing Jessica in pain. All the other girls tried to help as best they could, and made Jessica comfortable until an ambulance arrived.
Krystal didn’t see Jessica again until the night of the prom. Krystal was there early. She looked stunning in a mid-length black dress, with a split up the side that went quite high. Her large firm breasts looked great, even though they were unsupported by a bra. She also had on sheer black stockings with open toed slip on sandals. She was waiting for Jessica to arrive, if she was coming at all!
Then a car pulled up outside. The windows were tinted, so she couldn’t see in, but then the door opened and a single left leg slid out. It was bare, and wearing a sexy strappy high heel on the foot. This was then followed by a pair of underarm crutches, which had been spray-painted gold. Finally Jessica emerged. She was wearing a satin dress of a dusky gold colour, and had a pure white cast on her right leg, which finished just under her knee. She stood up, and everyone turned to look at her as she swung herself forward on her crutches with her shimmering dress hugging the line of her body.
Chapter 4
Jessica crutched gracefully all evening. People paid far more attention to her then to Krystal, who sat drinking moodily. At the end of the evening, when most people had left, Krystal thought she better go home herself. She stood up, but didn’t realise how much she’d been drinking. She was very unsteady on her feet. She took her shoes off, as her feet were aching, and tottered outside. Once out in the fresh air she still felt drunk. She couldn’t see anyone else about, so she sat down on a bench. She must have been there some time, because she suddenly became aware of someone standing over her. She looked up. “Jessica…?” she gasped! “Yes, that’s right!” said Jessica, coldly. Krystal tried to stand up, but she tripped and fell backwards over the bench behind her. She instinctively put out her left arm behind her to stop her, but landed awkwardly on it. She cried out, but there was no-one else about.
“I know you broke my ankle on purpose” said Jessica. Krystal started to speak, but Jessica spoke again. “So I’m going to have my revenge! First these…!” She put the foot of one of her crutches over Krystal’s stocking covered left toes. The rubber foot was big enough to fit over her middle 3 toes. Before Krystal could work out what was happening, Jessica had put all her weight on the crutch! Krystal felt her toes snap! She screamed, but there was no-one around. “Hurts doesn’t it!” said Jessica, and did it again. Krystal could feel her toes being flattened into the ground. “And now” Jessica said “I’m going to crush each of them with my stiletto heel!”
Jessica took her weight on her crutches and also her plastered leg resting on the ground, and placed her stiletto on Krystal’s already broken middle toe. Then she increased the pressure! Krystal screamed as her toe bones were crushed! “Oh it hurts” she wailed! “My hand hurts too!” Jessica stopped crushing her toes and hopped a step closed on her crutches. “How much to you think that hurt?” she shouted, shoving her broken ankle toward Krystal.
Krystal realised Jessica intended to torture her until she was really badly hurt, and she had to stop it. Using her good hand, she reached up and grabbed the back of Jessica’s cast, and yanked it forward, slamming her exposed manicured toes into the concrete. Jessica leap back, staggering on her crutches, screaming. Krystal seized her chance, and scrambling to her feet, she hobbled away as fast as her shattered toes would allow her too! As she got away, she could still hear Jessica’s shouts of “Ow my toes, you broke my fucking toes you bitch!”

Chapter 5
Krystal wanted to get Jessica into trouble, but it was true what she’d said – she had tripped her and broken her ankle on purpose. She didn’t want to be in as much trouble herself! So she pretended she’d slipped and fallen, banging her toes in the process. At the hospital she was treated for a broken scaphoid bone, which is the bone in her hand below her thumb. She was given a cast which came nearly up to her elbow, with her thumb wrapped in the cast too. Her broken toes were set by painful yanking and pulling, and the badly broken middle one was wrapped up and splinted. The other two were taped to it using sticking plaster, and she was given a soft open medical shoe to wear. She was not allowed to wear anything else on this foot for 3 weeks.
It was too painful for her to walk for the first week, but after this she was able to walk, even though she limped a lot on her painful broken toes. The second week she was able to walk into town with her mates. They were all very kind to her about her broken hand and toes. As she limped down the street, she saw another group of friends heading towards them. With them was Jessica! She wasn’t on crutches anymore, but was limping on a new cast that had a rubber heel underneath it. Krystal was also pleased to see that the front of the white plaster cast extended forward supporting 5 very red and swollen toes!
None of their friends realised the two girls hated eachother now, so they stopped to talk. Krystal and Jessica had to pretend to be friends still as well. The both pretended not to know how the other got hurt, and asked questions as if it was the first time of hearing of it. Soon the 2 groups made to head off in their different directions.
“Bye Krystal” Jessica said teasingly.
“Bye Je..” Krystal started to say, but the felt the weight of Jessica’s cast heel come down on her already broken toes as she walked off…!
Chapter 6
Both the girls thought they wouldn’t ever see eachother again, now that they had finished college and were going off to university. Krystal went to her uni campus early to move all her stuff in, and also to get to know the area better. She was cycling along on her bike, dressed in green shorts and a red vest top, when suddenly she saw a familiar figure. She was so shocked she nearly fell off her bike! Jessica was at the same university as her!
Jessica was standing on some steps near the main university square. She was wearing a short summer dress, and sandals, as the weather was still warm. The situation was perfect for Krystal. Jessica was standing with only one foot on the top step, as if she was climbing them, but was at that moment turned away from them, talking on her mobile. Krystal pedalled harder, and steered straight towards Jessica’s left foot. Just as Jessica finished on her mobile, she saw a speeding cyclist shoot past her, with both wheels running over her poor foot. She squealed out in pain and surprise, and dropped her mobile. She thought she recognised the dark ponytail blowing out behind the rider, but couldn’t be sure.
She looked down at her foot. Already her toes were beginning to turn red, and there was a purple bruise appearing just behind her toes. She picked up her mobile to call for help, but the fall had broken it and it wouldn’t work. There was no-one else about, because term hadn’t started yet, and so she had to limp back to her room on what she suspected might be a broken foot. It was too painful to keep her left sandal on, so she carried it while she limped along with her left foot bare.
Only when she got back to her room was she able to use a payphone to call a friend to take her to hospital. After waiting ages, she was examined and told her toes had been broken (again!) and her foot was also fractured. A splint was bandaged to her throbbing toes, and she was given a CAM walker and a pair of crutches to help her walk on it. The more she thought of that girl on the bike, the more she was sure it was Krystal. As she lay on her bed that night, with her aching foot propped up on a pile of pillow, she made plans to find Krystal and get her revenge…!
Chapter 7
That term Jessica had to hobble about campus with her CAM and crutches. In the warm weather it wasn’t so bad, but once the cooler weather arrived it was quite uncomfortable. She wasn’t able to wear even a sock under her CAM walker, because of the splint bandaged to her sore and swollen broken toes. She still kept looking for Krystal, but it was a big university with lots of students, and she didn’t see her for weeks.
That was until she saw a group of girls going into the sports hall to play hockey. In the middle of the crowd, she recognised one of them! It was Krystal! Jessica was desperate to get her own back on her. Krystal hadn’t seen her, as she was chatting with her friends. Jessica hurried out of site, but she put more weight than she should have on her broken foot. The pain shot up her leg from her now yet healed toes, but she was so keen to get revenge on Krystal she hardly noticed!
She looked to see what shoes Krystal was wearing – they were shallow heels in a deep purple colour. Jessica followed the crowd at a distance, this time using her crutches to keep her weight off her broken foot. She hobbled over to the girls loos, and hid in there. She saw them all go into the changing rooms, and then go out onto the pitch for their match. Jessica had a plan, but she needed to get into the changing rooms for it to work. She knew it would look too odd for a girl with a CAM walker and crutches to go into the sports changing rooms, and that people would notice. But she needed to get in there. On her right foot she was wearing a white trainer, and under it a white sock. She took off them both off, and then put the trainer back on. Then she undid the straps on her CAM walker, and carefully lifted her injured bare left foot out of it. Carefully she stretched the white sock as wide as it could go, and then eased it over her left foot, being very careful of her toes as she did so!
Looking down at her feet, it looked as if she had 2 white shoes on, and no-one was likely to notice one was only a sock for the few steps to the changing rooms. Jessica stood up, wincing as she did, as the pain returned to her foot. She left the toilets, and walked into the changing rooms, trying to keep her weight on the heel of her left foot! Limping along the deserted room, she saw Krystal’s shoes. Hmm…left or right she thought?! Quickly she picked up Krystal’s right shoe, and hit the heel against the bench until she felt it start to weaken. Then she got some vasaline from her bag, and spread it over the sole and bottom of the heel on Krystal’s shoe, until it was nicely slippy. Then she put it back where it had been, and limped heavily on her broken foot out of the changing room. She got back to her CAM walker, and lowered her foot into it. It was such a relief to have it safe and secure in the CAM again. She left the white sock on it, as the tightness of it was helping her against the pain. She couldn’t put any weight on her broken foot after this, and so hopped with her crutches over to a table in the sports centres dining area where she could see the changing room door from. Then she sat down to wait!
Jessica’s foot was throbbing as she waited. Perhaps walking on it hadn’t been such a good idea after all! She drank her cup of tea and hid behind a newspaper she was pretending to read, while she kept an eye on the door of the changing room. Krystal’s hockey match should be finishing soon. Then Jessica heard an ambulance arriving! She was surprised. She didn’t think Krystal would have finished and put her shoes on and slipped just yet. Then two ambulance men came out carrying a stretcher. On it was a girl from the hockey team. She was smallish, with short dark hair. 1 arm and 1 leg were in splints, and she looked very unhappy. Jessica felt quite sorry for her, but secretly wished it had been Krystal who had been injured in the game. Then again, it would have made her trap useless, and all the pain in setting it up would be for nothing! The poor injured girl was loaded into the ambulance, and it drove away. Don’t go too far! Jessica thought, You’ll be needed back here soon I hope!
The match finished and Jessica could hear noise as the team returned to the changing room. Gradually the team began to leave as they got changed. They were obviously upset about what had happened to their teammate, and Jessica gathered they had lost the match too. She hid more behind her newspaper, waiting for Krystal. Then she came out, chatting with a friend. She seemed to be having a bit of a problem walking on her right shoe, as it kept sliding a bit under her. She wobbled a bit, and Jessica hoped she was going to fall over, but she steadied herself. Then, when she was halfway across the sports centres entrance hall, she put her right leg forward to take another step, and the heel Jessica had tampered with gave way as Krystal put her weight on it. Her foot twisted to the side, so her ankle hit the ground. All her weight was still on her leg, and even Jessica 10m away could hear it snap as she fell on it! Krystal screamed as she collapsed, and lay there gritting her teeth with pain, holding her newly broken leg. Her friends rushed to help her, and someone called 999. As Krystal lay there waiting for the ambulance, sobbing with the pain of her broken leg, she suddenly spied something. From down on the floor she could see under all the tables in the dining area, and one pair in particular caught her attention. They were in blue jeans, and one foot had on a white trainer with what looked like no sock under it, and the other was in a CAM walker with what looked like the white of bandaged toes just visible…!
Chapter 8
Krystal was still in pain when she arrived at the hospital, where she was taken through into an examination room. She still had one of her purple shoes on her good foot, but her broken leg was bare and in an emergency soft splint. She was given an injection of painkillers, which helped a bit, but she still cried when the spilt was taken off and saw her leg, which looked like it had an extra bend in it. The doctor had to pull and twist her leg straight again, with her screaming everytime she heard and felt the bones click and grind. The doctor then explained she’d need a cast for 10 weeks, and the cast would be from her toes to her thigh.
Then her once sporty and shapely leg was covered in something that to her looked like a long tube bandage, then rolls of padding were wrapped up and down her leg. She was told she could choose what colour cast she was going to have, but when she asked for purple she was told there wasn’t any purple and she’d have to have blue instead!
The doctor started at the base of her foot, wrapping the cast material round her foot and ankle and then up her leg. Then he used more bandage type stuff to go up past her knee, finally wrapping it round her toned thigh. She got quite hot with him touching her inner thigh, despite being in pain with her broken leg. Finally, the doctor turned down the end of her cast, pulling the material back from her toes, which were still a bit misshaped from when Jessica had broken them before.
Finally she was given a pair of crutches, and told how to take care of her cast by not getting it wet etc. Then she was allowed to go. Her leg hurt as she swung down off the table. She tried to put her leg on the floor, but the cast was bend at the knee so much it wouldn’t let her. Slowly and painfully, she crutches out of the hospital, wondering how she was going to cope with her leg like this for 10 weeks!
Chapter 9
Jessica was getting ready to go out. It wasn’t easy, since her foot was still in its CAM walker. After she had caused Krystal’s accident, she had limped home, very satisfied, but also quite sore. It maybe hadn’t been such a good idea after all to walk on her broken foot. Once she had got back to her room, she had taken the CAM off and put plenty of ice on her throbbing foot. Her foot had stayed swollen for several days, and so she had worn a sock under the CAM to cover up the ugly swelling.
However, that had gone down now, and she decided not to wear the sock under it for this night out with her friends. The CAM was open at the front so some of her toes could be seen, so she had painted her toenails a bright pink. This itself wasn’t easy, as a few days before she had shut her finger in the door of her room. Now her right middle finger was heavily bandaged, making it awkward for her to do things.
The evenings were cold now, but she was still not wearing much for her night out, wanted to show off her sexy body. She had a shortish skirt and a tight top, and a low heel on her good foot. She would have liked to of worn a higher heel, but wasn’t going to risk it with her other foot still in the CAM. Her foot had now healed so that she was able to walk with out crutches, which made her feel better, but she was still very conscious about the big ugly black CAM walker on her lower leg.
Jessica met up with her friends and with them she limped across town to one of their favourite bars. By the time she got there her foot was hurting again and throbbing quite badly. She sat down and propped her sore foot up on a chair, while one of her friends got her a drink. Several other groups of girls were out in the same bar that night, and amongst them Jessica noticed a girl with a green SLC with a blue cast shoe on her right foot, and a light blue SAC on her left arm. She was short, with short brown hair and a cheerful round face. Jessica thought she recognised her from somewhere. Then she remembered – she was the girl she had seen being taken away on a stretcher, from the hockey game which Krystal was playing in before she suffered her broken leg. The girl looked over at Jessica, sitting with her leg up, and smiled sympathetically.
Jessica had a good time out with her friends. Because of her foot, she didn’t move much, but still had plenty to drink. The only bad things were it was sometimes awkward to hold her drinks with her heavily bandaged middle finger, and once someone took the chair her foot was resting on away. Her foot hit the ground with a thump, which jarred the mending bones, and made her yelp out in pain. The person who had taken it did seem to even notice.
Eventually the time came for them to go. Jessica stood up with her friends, and instantly felt unsteady. Because she had been sitting down all the time, she hadn’t noticed what effect all the alcohol she had drunk was having on her. Feeling dizzy, she limped and staggered after her friends out into the street. They were all walking faster than she could manage in her drunken state and with her broken foot. They were nearly across a crossing in the road when she decided to follow them, but suddenly the lights turned green just before she stumbled out onto the road. A speeding car was coming down the road, and she unfortunately stepped out right in front of it. She screamed as the car hit into her, knocking her over and running over her legs.
Chapter 10
Jessica woke up in hospital. The first thing she noticed were pains all over her body, the second thing were the casts she was in. She tried to speak but found she couldn’t. A nurse explained what had happened to her since the accident.
She had been taken by ambulance to the hospital, where she was found to have multiple broken bones. The car had hit her left thigh, snapping it in two, and running over her already broken left foot and toes. Her right leg had also been run over, breaking her shin and ankle. Finally she had broken her jaw and her right shoulder when she hit the ground.
Jessica stared down at her broken body. Her right leg was in a cast, from the base of her toes to mid thigh. Her other leg was suspended in a traction rig, with her foot heavily wrapped in padding and bandaged. Her entire upper body was in a cast, which went up over her shoulder and casted her right arm too. Finally, her jaw was wired shut, so she couldn’t speak.
“Don’t worry” the nurse said, “you’ve got a visitor to cheer you up”. The nurse held the door open, and Jessica could hear the sound of crutches approaching. Into the room came….Krystal! she crutched awkwardly still, and held her leg in its big blue cast out in front of her. Jessica could see that Krystal’s toes on her broken leg looked a bit bruised, and her pinkie toe was taped and bandaged. Krystal had an evil look on her face.
“I’ll leave you two alone” the nurse said. Jessica tried to say she didn’t want to be left alone, but couldn’t call out because of her wired jaw. The nurse left and closed the door. “Hi Jess” Krystal said in a voice that sent shivers down Jessica’s spine. She leaned closer and whispered “I know you did this to me” patting her casted leg “I’ve got proof, so do exactly as I want or I’ll go to the police”. Krystal didn’t really have any proof, but she knew Jessica wouldn’t know that for certain, and so might believe her. Jessica mumbled but couldn’t reply.
“So…” Krystal said as she crutched round to Jessica’s left side. “I hate having my leg like this, and I hate crutches too! My leg still aches…does YOURS?!” as she said this she tugged on Jessica’s traction apparatus. “MMMMMMMM!!” said Jessica as pain lanced through her broken thigh. Krystal gave a few more tugs, each causing a burning pain in Jessica’s thigh, but Jessica couldn’t scream out loud.
“And I hate my poor toes being exposed…I’ve already broken one! It hurts like hell…as you’re going to find out!” Krystal started to unwrap the padding and bandaged around Jessica’s left foot. Jessica tried to call out, and plead with Krystal, but she couldn’t do more than mumble. Under the bandages there was a large splint on the sole of Jessica’s foot, holding it rigid. Krystal unwrapped the bandages down to Jessica’s ankle, and removed the splint. Then she pressed on the ball of Jessica’s foot. “MMMMMM!!!” Jessica cried out as she could feel the pressure on the broken bones. Krystal then pressed on the top of Jessica’s foot, and pushed back and forth a few times. Tears of pain streamed down Jessica’s face.
“And now these” Krystal said, running her finger along the base of Jessica’s fractured toes. Jessica sobbed, she thought she knew what was coming, but she didn’t expect it when Krystal reached into her bag and took out a pair of pliers. She sobbed and tried to pull her foot away, but it was held fast.
“First I broke my little toe” Krystal said. She clamped the pliers round Jessica’s pinkie. “It hurt so much” she squeezed the pliers, crushing Jessica’s toe. “MMMMM!!” Jessica quietly screamed. “I caught it on a chest of drawers” Krystal continued. “I hit it so hard it bent it out sideways….” she said slowly, while she used the pliers to slowly bent Jessica’s pinkie toe from its normal position to sticking out 90 degrees from the side of her foot. “MMM MMM MMM MMMMMMMM!!!!” shrieked Jessica as much as her wired jaw would allow. “And then” Krystal continued “the doctor had to bend it all the way back!” she used the pliers to slowly return Jessica’s mangled little toe to its original position. Jessica’s toe burned with pain. “I bumped and bruised most of the others too!” said Krystal, using the pliers to hit the ends of Jessica’s toes, sending jolts of pain up her leg. “But don’t worry” said Krystal with an evil smile. “Cos you’ll be hearing lots about my poor leg over the next few weeks…and feeling it too!” She gave Jessica’s toes a final bash with the pliers, and then re-wrapped Jessica’s foot so no-one would know. Then she crutches out of the room, with a last glance back over her shoulder at Jessica’s plastered and bandaged body.

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