Elke: Requested Poses Volume II

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Elke, the original Bunion Queen had some amazing photos of her feet posted on The Bunion Museum. While that site is still partially up, we have re-posted them here along with Elke’s own commentary. We have also put each photo with its caption for your viewing pleasure.

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Elke Requested Poses Volume II


201.) That´s the way my feet look after wearing closed shoes for a few days. My corns are swollen, aching pretty much. Also they got like a second, white skin, making them even bigger. My bunions are rubbing against the toe box of the shoes, they got thick and swollen too. I cannot really prevent this, only Dr. Scholl´s pads help a little reducing the pain.


202.) Pretty nice image. You see those corns still with it´s white “second” skin. It´s pretty soft and I´ll have to remove it – but after a few days the skin will be there again. I like the look of my feet when they´re pointed like this.


203.) Unfortunately I couldn´t make the request for standing on tiptoes. Due to the condition of my feet it was impossible. Bunions, toes, and especially the balls of my feet hurt these days. So what I did here was just sitting somewhere and putting my toes on the floor. It makes it look a little like I was standing on tiptoes – sorry guys…


204.) This foot roller is good for my aching feet, for the soles and the forefeet. When we were making thi pics my feet felt like walking on the very bones, with no flesh below them.


205.) A classic sexy pose…in my case, there is no way to hide my poor bunion – you love it, I know…:-) Wouldn´t you call those hammertoes crippled, at least on this picture?


206.) A try to put on these summer high heels sandals.Look at my left foot, this is how tailor bunions develop – you see my little toe partly pressed in the shoe, squeezed against the 4th toe. My left big toe is not where it supposed to be. The actual place of the big toe remains free, instead it is, where the lesser toes are supposed to be normally.


207.) Nice shot. I prefered to have my left baby toe out of the shoes completely.The right bunion just doesn´t “want to fit in the shoe”. I´m proud, that I don´t have any callouses on my heels (only a little bit…heehee.)


208.) Another pair of slides I couldn´t use for many years. You see my lesser toes of the left foot? The tips and/or the nails are pressing directly against the hard wooded sole of the shoe. I cannot walk in them, not even stand. I could cry because of this…I loved these slides, they look so sexy…


209.) Alex loves this Foto, especially the tailor bunion and the corns. Noticed that the color of the corns changed to light yellow? In the meantime I was trying to remove the white skin with my fingers. Below the white was the yellowish, hard skin, around the deep thorns of the corns. By the way, from this perspective, you never see any nails of my lesser toes, they are all curled under the sole.


210.) Alex begged me to do something unusual, he said: “Try to make your feet look crippled”, the word you guys don´t like. Alex was turned on, he let me trying out some poses – suddenly he said: “Great, don´t move” – the result is this Foto. The whole pose plus all the foot deformities give this pic indeed a “crippled feet”-touch.


211.) Alex was totally turned on while shooting this pic. After shooting it he asked me to remain in this pose. He was licking and sucking my sole and bunion – well, we had to make a little intermission…:-)


212.) After the intermission – another “crippled”-looking pose.


213.) I was shooting the next four pics myself. This was just wonderful for my hurting toes and bunions. I really enjoyed my husband´s massage…


214.) I love, what he is doing there: Massaging my heel and the underside of my tortured toes, it feels so great, having his fingers between my toes…


215.) Heaven again for me. I´m trying to grab his hand with my right lesser toes (but that´s impossible with those toes). As you can see, he doesn´t touch my bunions directly, so that you can see them…:-)


216.) An intimating pic. Alex enjoys my wet toes in his right hands. If he holds my toes for a few minutes like this, my whole lower forefoot starts to sweat lightly…he loves that – especially licking the salty sweat away…
That´s it for now, Gentlemen. Hope you enjoyed the photos.
Your responses are very welcome.
Kissing my bunions for you…- Elke –

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